Why is “Failure” more important than “Winning”!

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Just my thoughts…hopefully my voice will explain this insanity”

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  1. nmoriarty

    Because it happens 99.9% of the time! One can become quite philosophical around the subject, it’s just as arguable that there is no such thing as ‘failure’ only ‘opportunities to learn how to do things better’. It’s not failure to fall down. Failure is when you don’t get up again and carry on. Learn what you can from the experience and carry on.

  2. nikhilgurjar

    Failure is relative… And it depends on how you define success!

  3. cbaudoin

    Failure is NOT more important than winning, when you consider that the goal of the effort that failed was to achieve some value!

    Failure is “more important” than winning only in terms of the introspection it forces you to make, and the learning that comes from it. Painful as it is (and remember that failure has a human cost in terms of layoffs, bad performance reviews, budget reductions, etc.), we tend to spend more time analyzing failures in order to learn from them than we spend on successful efforts. If we succeeded, we tend to complacently think we just need to keep doing what we’re doing, and all will be well. If we fail, we’re forced to try to understand why. So from a knowledge management perspective, failure is more instructive than success. Saying that it is more “important” is a mischaracterization.

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