The Rise of Mobile Money


June 2012 | Technology | Analysis | Europe | DonRiver Inc.

What is Mobile Money? What is the size of the Mobile Money opportunity? Mobile Money Categories; Mobile Money Building Blocks; Mobile Money Examples: Starbucks, Western Union, M-Paisa; Emerging Services in Canada; Opportunities for ATM Debit Networks.

From These Organizations:
  2. Accenture
  3. Caribbean Financial Planning Association
  4. Campbell& Co.Ltd
  5. Askvisory Ltd
  6. Community and Regional Resilience Institute
  7. Center for the Study of Economics
With These Skills:
Analysis, Buy-Side, Consultancy, Business Transformation, ECM, Business Development Collaboration, Business turnarounds & takeovers, cash flow, creditor negotiations, financing

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  1. oais

    Mobile Payments seems to be the hottest topic in the Banking Industry…

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