“The Customer From H*ll….how do you manage”?

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If you have been in the sales business for any amount of time you have experienced the “Tough Customer” or the customer you never visit on Fridays (haha). We’ve all encountered such a situation, however, it’s how you react, respond, and manage such a relationship. It’s always important to keep your composure during such an interaction with a difficult customer, however, I’ve always maintained that you as the “Sales Professional” deserve just as much respect, dignity and professionalism in return from “The Customer”. There is a science on how you manage that relationship with the customer and sometimes if the relationship has deteriorated to the point where it’s unsalvageable….you may have to walk away from the business.


During our next show (May 15th 7pm EST) we’ll ask a top sales consultant/entrepreneur exactly how you manage such a customer and how you can make that interaction work in your favor and produce sales in spite.

Dealing with a “Customer From H*ll” is a tough situation and during this show we’ll provide you strategies/tactics on how to succeed through that relationship!

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