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June 2011 | Internet | Survey | North America |

The ExecutiveBrief 2011 Software Development Trends Survey was conducted from June 6 through June 30 of 2011, with official results and analysis published in August 2011 in ExecutiveBrief. As with previous annual surveys, this survey is intended to inform senior business leaders and industry professionals of common and prevailing trends, along with key priorities reported among their peers throughout the spectrum of the software development industry. Approximately 300 software industry business leaders and software development professionals participated in this survey. The survey consisted of a detailed series of key questions, the majority of which were multiple choice with options for alternate inputs. There was one open-ended question soliciting the respondent?s thoughts on the greatest potential software development trend which may impact their business in 2011. ExecutiveBrief conducts this survey annually. To participate in the 2012 survey, check the ExecutiveBrief website for details in the early months of 2012.

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