Social Media And Its Uses In Business

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I often speak to people who still consider Social Media to be Facebook. They don’t really get it, don’t understand its purpose and value. Then when you ask them about Twitter, they like to make jokes about being a ‘twit’.

I have read emails, forum posts and heard in conversation that Social Media within businesses is mostly used for PR (Press Releases). Really? I personally use Social Media to either learn something new about something I’m interested in, follow the news/travel/weather updates (more reliable than radio or TV in my opinion). On numerous occasions, Social Media has pulled through for me and given me what I wanted so for that reason, I passionately believe it WORKS!

Honestly, businesses need to really start embracing technology beyond the traditional means of telephone and email. Social Media is here to stay; it is cheap/free to use, has fantastic geographical reach, is incredibly viral and as a Technologist (and futurist), I like to think businesses will one day embrace Social Media to give them the competitive advantage they always yearn for. After all, what business/brand wouldn’t like to know what someone thinks about a product or a service they offer?

So, I have a question to all my readers: How valuable would knowing who has said what, where and when be to your business when they visit your web site or call the call center? If you know the visitor is happy, unhappy or undecided, would you communicate differently to them if you knew ‘details’ in advance?

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