PwC Global 100 – Software Leaders

May 2014 | Technology | Analysis | Global | PwC

The state of the software industry appears relatively calm. On the surface, that is. The well-known trends—cloud, softwareas- a-service (SaaS), mobile devices and consumerisation of IT—are making their own individual waves for software vendors. Dive beneath the surface, however, and you will find a strong undertow created by the combination of all these forces, pulling the industry in new directions. It’s a multiplier effect that is redefining how software vendors develop, market, sell, distribute and support their products.

Submitted By: mahsan
    From These Organizations:
  2. IBM
  3. Askvisory
  4. Apple Inc.
  5. Accenture
  6. oais22org
  7. oais22company
With These Skills:
Analysis, Risk Management, Consultancy, M&A, Research, Buy-Side, Forecast, oais22c, oais22b, oais22a,

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