IT is dead – Birth of Unified Digital Enterprise Management System “ERP for IT” ERP4IT

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By Lonnie McRorey

For many years CIO’s and IT Executives have been vendor-media-bombarded and led to believe that Point-to-Point solutions would provide the Silver bullet but in the end the harsh reality sets in and in the final analysis the gaps are still evident.  No matter how good each individual solution to the IT Puzzle is it still requires integration and added administrative tasks.  Tasks equates to time that a resource could be working on the next solution, innovation, client service or just plainly supporting a tight project deadline.  Poor visualization vastly reduces leadership capability to pro-actively view a situation, estimate on future initiatives and govern effectively.

Today many IT departments look like independent islands floating ever so apart from each other and from the enterprise.  Isolation welcomed and promoted by vendors who actively seek out personal gain without truly looking at the real cause of the problem. How can IT be a prominent Business Partner to the Enterprise if they believe they are not shown that they communicate and live within the same Organizational State?  CIO’s want to be able to express value to the Executive Board and deliver Innovative products to its clients.

IT SPLICING Solutions makes more work for everyone and the costs become an organizational burden.

A different approach that aims at providing a simple solution with massive value.

A singular scalable, adjustable, Compliant, process Driven platform that BOTH Business and IT can come together and work together.  This is where Business and IT become Unified however we like to call it “IS Unified” Digital Enterprise Management.

We invite all Business and IT brethren to come and see a radical approach with insurmountable value to the Digital Enterprise.

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