Gartner Key IT Metrics 2013


January 2013 | Technology | Analysis | Global | Gartner

Clients improve business performance by benchmarking their spending and best practices against our IT performance repository, the largest in the industry, drawing on 5,500 IT benchmarks a year. Complexity and demand elements should always be considered within the context of a performance evaluation as they are the most fundamental drivers of a cost profile. Annual IT Application Development and support investment is roughly 35% of total IT spending. 52% of that investment is for new development projects while the remaining 48% is for maintenance of existing systems.

From These Organizations:
  2. iStrategies Ltd
  3. EDS Ltd
  4. CSC Ltd
  5. Askvisory Ltd
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Buy-Side, Research, Consultancy, Forecast, M&A, Analysis, Risk Management, ECM, IT Infrastructure, Business Development Collaboration

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    An older IT benchmark report, which contains many relevant findings for formulating your IT Spend Budget & Strategy.

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