Cost Of Data & Security Breaches

May 2013 | Technology | Analysis | Global |

Symantec Corporation and Ponemon Institute are pleased to present the 2013 Cost of Data Breach: Global Analysis, our eighth annual benchmark study concerning the cost of data breach incidents for companies located nine countries. Since 2009, we have provided a consolidated report of the benchmark findings from all countries represented in the research. In this report, we present both the consolidated findings and country differences.

    From These Organizations:
  1. Barclays Capital
  2. Accenture
  4. Credit Suisse
  5. Community and Regional Resilience Institute
  6. Center for the Study of Economics
  7. Campbell& Co.Ltd
With These Skills:
IT Architecture, IT Sourcing, Business Change delivery, Marketing software, Business Transformation, Financial management., IT Infrastructure, Marketing, Business organisational structuring, Commercial structuring and acumen,

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