Can Gartner be Disrupted?

Submitted By: oais

Gartner has established itself as the leader of IT research and IT analyst services.  I often get this question "Are you trying to disrupt the Gartner model".  My answer is "it depends which service, as Gartner is a multi-service research firm, where you can almost get lost".  If they are referring to the Gartner Analyst service, quite simply - yes. Askvisory has the vision of disrupting (I dread using this word again) or significantly improving the client experience for gaining industry insights.  This can be achieved by speaking to a Gartner analyst or someone who has worked in IT with real experience vs. desk research. As an ex-Gartner Consultant, I had the pleasure of working with some of the brightest and most influential research analysts in the IT industry.  My learnings from being both a consultant and at Gartner enabled me to observe three key things which influenced me founding Askvisory:

1. IT is no longer becoming a black-art: When it was a black art, IT research was a recipe to print money. This trend is accelerating by way of commoditized IT and utility computing models.
2. Operational insights are beginning to take a place in the front of the choir, singing to the Business and the CIO. Going back to Ira's point on clients asking for configuration, this is even more true - except they are spinning it in business terms with "what are the lessons learned from doing that configuration".
3. CFO vs. CIO: The Business and the CFO are increasingly influencing IT. Much of their decisions are being based on Financials vs. Best of Breed.
I look forward to significantly improving client insights with all of you.  After all, Askvisory is a platform that enables the brightest executives to share insights with clients.  You are the industry analyst and the 'disruptor'.

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