An Attorney’s Story Of Becoming The Best Shoe Salesman!

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    From These Organizations:
  2. Gartner
  3. EDS Consulting
  4. Accenture
With These Skills:
Business Transformation, IT Architecture, IT Sourcing, Marketing, IT Infrastructure, M&A, Consultancy, Analysis, Buy-Side, Forecast,

When someone changes their career at the height of their success I’m always interested in hearing WHY…but when someone changes their career/life to become dedicated to the sales profession well I get “INSPIRED”! This is our 2nd program where we’re focusing on “Good Health” and the sales professional and to have Andy Krafsur CEO/Founder of Spira Footwear is a true honor….and his story will definitely inspire you!

“My name is Andy Krafsur and I am a recovering lawyer. After 17 years of practicing law, I had an experience that changed my life. I have always been passionate about running. Growing up in metro Detroit, I competed in Track and Cross Country in both high school and college. But by my early 30’s, my running days were over. The years of pounding had taken a toll. I was required to take a week off for every day I ran. It was demoralizing. I never dreamed that I’d be able to enjoy running again”.


Join us on what should be a show of encompassing “Inspiration”, “Entrepreneurship, and of course “Good Health”!!


Tuesday July 24th 7pm (EST) click on link:

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