About Askvisory

Askvisory’s concept was based on the traditional research house & advisory model of providing Industry Analysts and Research.  The term ‘Askvisory’ took two words “Ask” (asking for inputs) and “Advisory” (gaining professional insights) to create Askvisory.

Askvisory offers three services

  1. Speaking with Experts:  Our telephone brokering system securely connects clients and experts without revealing each others telephone number.
  2. Q&A: Ask and invite other experts to industry relevant questions, using our unique Q&A Platform
  3. Research: Get free access to industry research and insights written by Industry Leaders

Our innovative and secure telephony system automatically handles all scheduling, call connections, payments and invoices. Clients only pay for the time they talk with an advisor.

Why Leading Organizations Use Askvisory

Askvisory’s Panel of Leaders provides members an exclusive access to expertise to enable them to gain the insights and answers they need.  Our Corporate Clients also enjoy similar benefits.  Corporate clients include Consulting Firms and Asset Management Firms, Private Equity and Venture Capital firms. Askvisory provides them direct interaction with industry experts to deliver the most accurate and efficient results. Examples include:

  • Industry Overviews to rapidly learn the dynamics of an industry outside of their core expertise
  • Due Diligence assistance in support of Corporate Development and M&A activity
  • Market Research to identify market opportunities and gauge potential for new products
  • Investment Thesis Evaluation to understand market dynamics across an industry value chain

The Askvisory Advantage

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