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Topic/Question: What Makes a Good Career Coach?
Industry: Training, Education, Technology
Tags: Coach, Mentoring
Due Date: 31 Dec
Questions: What makes a good career coach for a senior executive (Director Level)? The Industry I work within is Technology Consulting.

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Tobias Dijkstra 26 Dec, 21:10
A good career coach can put his clients at the right place. The coach can let people be happy with the most simple tasks to begin with. It is not the quantity of work you do or the money you earn. It is the quality of the work. We are changing from a more human society to the pure capitalistic society we were. A fake society where we gave people a lot of money for fake work. Maybe this is still the case in many circumstances. We have to go to a society of normal science. Science must be available for everybody. Not only for titles and families. It is the individual that counts. That makes the difference. The individual must understand that he is an independent being in the first place. As a principle to have his thoughts on. Though we have to coach people very much if they stay in inertia. If we se people doing nothing. Even for a moment. We have to activate them. In Technology things run like a machine. So we have to act like this machine. We are talking here about a senior executive. He has to combine the active life to keep his body in shape with the mind. He has to listen to his soul when he is working with is body. At times he needs seperation from his family/friends to reach the long-term perspective in his mind for the wellbeing of his business. In technology you have smart people around you. As an executive you have to find the right combination of these people. Be honest about your failures and reached goals. As an executive you have to be confident but do not rest. Keep thinking in all the ways possible. Find honest people around you. Who are honest about the numbers. And who have the energy and strong intellect to change the numbers to higher ones. Do not distrust people who are not nice but work hard. You also need these people to point to the negative side of things. You do not need people around you who only say yes. But if they have a go. They have to go for it.
Michael Murphy 26 Dec, 21:40
In no particular order:
Michael Murphy 26 Dec, 21:40
In no particular order:
Dan Derry 26 Dec, 21:21
There are a number of skills, which need to be mastered in order to make a good career coach.

1. You must have a very sound, if not expert, knowledge of the field you are supporting. (Demonstrable results)
2. You must be an exceptionally good listener, able to listen to not only what is being said, but what is not (non verbals).
3. You must not be shy in asking the difficult questions.
4. Never be afraid of silence. When you ask a question, wait for a response, even if the silence is unbearable.
5. The ability to never lose sight of the long term objective for your client.
6. The talent to uncover or know the options, but allowing your client to reason these out for themselves, with only a steer from yourself.
7. You need to be comfortable in various environments, including senior settings.
8. You must not be intimidated by the seniority or popularity of the client.
9. You must be able to deal / manage strong personalities.
10. You must be able to map out a thought process, identifying risks, opportunities and possibilities. This will also enable further specific questions to be generated.
11. Have confidence, without arrogance.
12. You must be well presented.

I could probably go on, but hopefully the above will serve a good starting point in answering your question.

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