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Topic/Question: Trends In Cloud Computing & Citrix
Industry: Management Consulting, Technology
Tags: Datacentre, Citrix, Devops, VMWare, Cloud
Due Date: 31 Jul
Questions: The Askvisory Leaders Panel are seeking to better understand:

1. Your view on if the IT Cloud market truly benefits financial institutions / banks

2. Where Citrix plays in the Cloud Market and

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Tommy Kolega 03 Aug, 08:42
The IT Cloud market will benefit financial institutions / banks by leveraging the scale of solutions like payments and transaction gateways. Data boundaries / geo-fencing and privacy may not be the best option for these organisations to leverage true Cloud capabilities in multi-regions however definitely wherever there is a Public Cloud Data Center these will be an option.

Citrix plays in the market of delivering and streaming applications, mobile/desktops, connectivity and security perimeters
Jeff Shauer 29 Jul, 12:50
Yes the it cloud market benefits banks/financial institutions helping with efficiency and innovation.
Citrix plays a connectivity role in this market
Swaraj Baran Ray 15 Sep, 07:56
15 Sep, 07:42