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Topic/Question: Paid Consult - What Is The Future Of Bio-Tech?
Industry: Capital Markets, Management Consulting, Biotechnology
Tags: Biotech, Nano, Cybernetics, Technology
Due Date: 24 Apr
Questions: What do you believe is the future of Bio-Tech? Where do you believe investments will move toward?

A private equity client is seeking to understand where Investment Dollars are flowing toward and which areas will likely emerge in your opinion.

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Aaron Levine 11 Mar, 13:20
The future of biotech is strong, if there is true innovation pursued. Despite some political and public pressures on pricing, there will continue to be a growing demand for biotech products, in particular to treat hard-to-treat serious disease with products which are more efficacious and with (on average) more tolerable side effects.

Oncology and immuno-oncology will continue to be the largest investments, but we'll also see investments in other serious unmet disease states that have been hard to move forward in the past. A couple examples are in large opportunity areas such as neurology (e.g. MS; Alzheimers); as well as in rare diseases.

We'll also see increasing investments in the blending of biotech and devices - such as devices which provide gradual release of a product over time; or a combination molecule which has biotech product and chemo, for example.

I hope this has been helpful- please feel free to follow up with further questions.
Future of Bio-tech is strong across the world, but the maximum impact this sector can make would be in emerging markets. That is where the facilities, R&D and capabilities are weaker, along with a stronger need of biotech products / services. Hence, the potential opportunity for biotech players is stronger in emerging markets.