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Topic/Question: Is Education A Solution For Gun Violence?
Industry: Research, Management Consulting, Training, Education
Tags: Gun, Violence, Education, Society, Social
Due Date: 31 Jan
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1. Is Education A Solution For Gun Violence?
2. What are potential solutions to reduce gun related violence?
3. Are we missing something here?

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Dan Walsh 17 Jan, 19:27
In a word, Yes. I am not a hunter, but live in a part of the US that has many hunters. A few years ago I decided to attend a Hunter's safety course. I went and was both surprised and impressed with the level of gun safety training and the seriousness and respect the trainer had for firearms. I would recommend as a best practice every mature young person who is of a sound mind attend this valuable course.
29 Jan, 20:48
Guns are not the issue or the cause. It appears to be a society change over the past generations. Today it is acceptable for kids and young adults to sit on the computer or video game shooting people all day. They are being developed to think it is ok. So if you want to change behavior, need to change the exposure developing minds are exposed too.