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Topic/Question: Growth Analysis of North America Speech Analytics Market.
Industry: Research
Tags: North America Speech Analytics Market
Due Date: 19 May
Questions: In 2013, the North American speech analytics market was dominated by global companies, such as Nice, Verint, Callminer, Nexidia, and HP Autonomy. They are the leaders in the North American speech analytics market and are expected to lead the market during the period of 2014 to 2019. Nice Systems is the top player in the North American speech analytics market, holding the largest market share in 2014. The company provides a wide product portfolio, including the range of video management and analytics, audio recording, situation management, and intelligence solutions. The company operates through three business segments: Customer interaction management, financial crime, and compliance & security. It is one of the leaders in the technology market for its innovations and expansions in the software and solutions group. The company’s major share of revenue is generated from the software products and tools.


Verint Systems is also one of the major players in the North American speech analytics market. In recent years, the company has been focusing on expansions as its key business strategy to increase its share in the North American speech analytics market. The company has a wide product portfolio, including Reliant, Vantage, Cybervision, and Educational services.


In the North American speech analytics market, the leading players are adopting strategies of new product launches, product approvals, partnerships, agreements, collaborations, joint ventures, acquisitions, and expansions, to access new technologies, expand their product portfolios, enter the growing sub-segments, and increase their market shares in the North American market. In addition to the top market players, companies such as TIBCO, HP, and Aspect are also primarily focusing on launching new speech analytics systems, product approvals, strategic agreements, partnerships, and collaborations to widen their customer base in the region.

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