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Topic/Question: Future Revolution of Japan Big Data Market...!
Industry: Research
Tags: Japan big data market
Due Date: 19 May
Questions: The Japan big data market is considered to be one of the fastest-emerging markets for big data solutions and services. This market is creating numerous growth opportunities for stakeholders, owing to the improved business performance. The Japanese economy is dominated by the enterprise sector and they use big data to achieve operational efficiency in the production of goods, and also base critical business decisions on the insights drawn from the analysis of bid data.

The Japan big data market is dominated by IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, HP, Dell, and SAP. They are the leaders in the big data market and are expected to lead the market in the next five years as well. IBM is the top player, with the largest market share of the Japan market in 2014. The company provides a wide product portfolio including the range of IBM SPSS products, Congnos Products, Open Pages products, Algorithm products, and Varicent products.
Ultimately, the value of big data depends on the insights that could be extracted from it, through the process of analytics. New technologies such as Hadoop, object stores, and in-memory databases, along with increased economies of scale, enable to process unprecedented volumes and varieties of data, thus reducing the time required to gain lucrative insights from big data.

Organizations around the globe and across industries base the business decisions on the insights drawn from data, beyond the historical information held in internal transaction systems. Internet surfing, sensor data, log files, mobile data rich with information, and social-network comments are among the many forms of information.
The major strategic developments are taking place in the field of cloud computing, big data analytics, CRM, real-time analytics, and social analytics. The dominant market players such as IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft have, in recent years, introduced several technologically advanced systems, and entered into strategic agreements and partnerships in order to keep up with pace of the industry.

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Igor Royzengurt 08 Jun, 17:56
I work for a major initiatives on Japanese market for financial companies (like Nomura) with big name vendors like IBM, MS.