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Topic/Question: Bio-Tech Market in Japan
Industry: Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology
Tags: Bio-tech, Wound Closure, Trocars
Due Date: 30 Jun
Questions: We have a paid engagement for experts who have expertise in regards to any of the following, ideally within ASIAPAC and specifically Japan if possible:

Wound Closure (Sutures, Automated Suturing devices, Topical skin adhesives)
o Minimally Invasive Surgical Staplers (Endocutters/Laparoscopic staples, Buttresses, Reinforced reloads)
o Trocars (Disposable and reusable)
o Open Mechanical (Circular stapler, Linear stapler/cutter, curved cutter etc.)
o Energy (Ultrasonic, Monopolar, Advanced & Non-advanced Bipolar)
o Bio-surgery (Hemostats and sealants, biopatch, adhesion prevention)
o Hip arthroplasty (implants) products
o Knee arthroplasty (implants) products
o Trauma related products (e.g. nailing, plates and screw system)
o Spine related products (e.g. degenerative, deformity, spinal trauma)
o Electric Physiology
o Advance disinfection and sterilization

If you can can comment on any of the above, Askvisory will invite you for a paid call with a leading research company who would be keen to get 1/2 hour of your time to discuss the market trends.

Askvisory - Research Team

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Rajiv Vaidyanathan 07 Jun, 20:19
I do not have the expertise to answer.
07 Jun, 20:19
I do not have the expertise to answer.