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Topic/Question: Big Data Use Cases - Are Companies Really Using It?
Industry: Management Consulting, Technology, Banking, Telecoms
Tags: Data, Big Data, Database, Hadoop, Analytics
Due Date: 15 Nov
Questions: Can you help list out any real use cases for Big Data and where it works and more importantly, where you think it may have gone wrong in its use / expected use?

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Ketan Pandya 27 Oct, 19:54
There are a few use cases for Big Data right and really its because the quality of big data is pretty bad where as the quantity is overwhelming thus the analytics are not yield business solutions. Based on that, the use cases are things like (1) taking instrumentation data from meters (such as electric meters) and determining work loads and thus adjusting generator capacity, or (2) taking web traffic packets and determining prioritization based on point of origination and destination or (3) taking massive amounts of sensor data from wearables and creating a fitness routine based on bio med signals, activity data and geo-positioning. Those are the kinds of things Hadoop is supposed to help you with and assuming you use a cloud computing provider like AWS, the integration can be fairly easy, but the results take more interpretation.
Jared Dame 19 May, 22:13
Many companies are adopting big data within their organizations due to the popularity of technology. Many companies adopt this type of technology in ways it was not intended to be used or the fail to understand the analytical knowledge required to make use of their investment. In my industry we have many examples ranging from excellent use of the technology to the polar opposite. I could easily talk about each use case in kind on the go to market strategy that was used and the best cases that made the most impact.
Kevin Groves 23 Feb, 23:50
Some good use cases stretch across many different verticals, from Oil and Gas, Digital Media and Life Sciences to Finance and insurance risk.

Some possible scenarios include:
- Finding the possible cancerous cells in your blood using a massive data sample with some big compute and further analytics
- Finding the possible gas pockets to drill into based on binary data from field technicians being sampled and then fed into a big compute application hosted in the cloud, then taking the output and using things like AWS redshift or Some Azure analytics tools to generate more useful mapping and reporting to make informed decisions.
- Many more

In short enterprises and smaller companies use big data to make more accurate and informed decisions.